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    I’m Michael Crawford, residing in Fountain Valley, CA, served as a veteran and a father. The singers in my songs are Holly Sims and Joe Robinson, from Nashville and other songs done by Chas Evans in Mississippi. My songs were done inside a studio that are country ballads and a bit of a rock sound which I wrote from the heart. I appreciate your support in getting our music out there for many to hear. I am songwriter, love writing songs. A country station in UK, Country Music Radio, CMR, played my song, No Turning Back and received good comments about the lyrics and sound from Lee Williams, Broadcaster. I have a large amount of streams from Scandinavian countries which I have sent my music to their radio stations as well and those streamed in Australia. Check out TBD in Spotify or keep it going on iTunes which is getting a lot of streaming activity in various countries and in United States. I have compiled songs in Tbd, Test of Time and other various singles .

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