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    I am Cherokee Penobscot born in Old Town, Indian Island, Maine. Very Spiritual American Indian and respectful of American Traditions. My Cherokee Dad knew his Native stars. He played Dixieland Jazz. Played in United States Indian Band across Europe. He taught me all the Standards from the '30s and '40s. My Penobscot Mom loved our Tribal Dances and early Catholic music. She taught me beautiful melody. Combining what I learned from my parents allowed me to write more than 500 songs in my life. II wsa taught piano by the Good Shepherd Sisters. Pluyed with dozen of blues and rock bands from Maine to Boston. Moving to Hawaii I played dinner music in all the hotels, played soft jazz with bgreat musicians. I played country music from in the most happening country bar serving ther troops. Played one stint from 1981 to 1983, 9pm to 4am seven days a week for more than three years straight. Pay was great and everything else was free. Lucky to have survived that gig. The Lord was looking out for me. I have many old Christian songs, not known to anyone else. Just finished a ten year gig as the most popular wedding organist in the world. Played more than 20K weddings in Hawaii https;//cdbaby.com/michaelakin

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