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    Michael Raphael has composed Music for over 200 Television and Film projects. Being the "GO TO" guy for many Editors and Music Libraries Raphael is known to always deliver. Shows like "Criminal Minds, Price is Right" Duck Dynasty to Dance Moms and Adam Sander Films. He has also co written songs with various types of artists and received Platinum and Gold Records. Signed with Capital Records with "Jailhouse" in the late 80's which airs on VH1 Classic. A few decades later Signed by Randy Jackson to Columbia records with “NEVE” which scored a Billboard hit. As a performer, Michael Raphael has shared the stage with such diverse artists as "KISS" "NickelBack" Rage Against The Machine" The Black Crows" and many more. Though out his career as a professional musician. Michael has toured the U.S. numerous times and also performed extensively in Japan and Europe. As a recording artist, Michael Raphael has played guitar with many artists including "Neve" (Columbia), Who scored a top 20 Billboard hit with "Its Over Now". Earlier stints included "Jailhouse" (Capital Records) which you can find on VH-1 Classic all the time. As a producer & engineer, Michael Raphael worked with artist like Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) Disney Mania Cd’s and was The Music Supervisor for Disney acts. Michael Raphael had worked with dozens of upcoming artists and has just completed two pop /rock projects for Columbia / Sony. Michael has also worked side by side with platinum producer Don Gilmore (Linkin Park /Avril Lavigne , Escape the fate).

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