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    Based in Dublin, I am a self thought electronic based music composer & producer. I have release numerous CD albums digital EP's and remixes on independent labels from all over the globe. My productions sit mainly within the Ambient/Experimental field yet I have also produced Electro, Techno, etc.. I am now looking to offer my skills to TV and film, I feel my production style would suit, Drama, Thrillers, Science Fiction documentaries education shows etc. I have signed to Pete Namlook's cult Ambient/Electronic label Fax Records, UK based label Txt Recordings run by Lee Antony Norris AKA Norken, Matematics I have also Collaborated with Lee as Autumn Of Communion on several CD albums on various labels. Other labels I have been involved with are Carpe Sonum and Anodize both based in the US. Also Databloem, Psychonavigation, Nice&nNasty 2015 one of my tracks featured on John Beltrans "Music For Machines" compilation on Delsin records. John is a highly respected Ambient/Techno artist who's music has been used in major film and TV productions. I am currently involved in collaborations with various electronic musicians from around the globe along with various solo projects. For a full discography of my works go to: http://www.discogs.com/artist/92929-Mick-Chillage

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