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    I write scores and design sound for tv, trailers, film and emotionally intelligent ads and am currently open to more work both licensing music and scoring for film and tv. I'm currently working as a freelance composer and doing custom work for agencies like The Crystal Creative (PDX), Music Box (NYC) and Pusher (LA). More recent trailers, video games and shorts she has scored are under strict NDA at this time. Contact the agencies above or Mel directly for further inquiry. I am a proficient violinist, guitarist, pianist and vocalist and have toured, recorded and performed both nationally and internationally with bands like Other Lives, Alexandra Savior, Allen Stone, Joseph, my own band Merō, regional orchestras and many more. My music aims to enhance even the most subtle emotional undercurrent in film while working within the flexible and sometimes demanding needs of filmmakers and creative agencies. I've currently done custom work for darker ads, short film, video games and movie trailers and would love to work more on independent features and tv as well. I'm particularly drawn to sci-fi, dance, character studies, strong dialogue, current issues, dark comedy and documentaries. Examples of work can be found at www.melguerison.com.

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 Composer, Producer, Touring Musician & Multi-Instrumentalist