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    Sinister, sexy, and surprising, Florea’s debut EP is packed with raw emotions, deft songwriting, and stylistic dexterity that makes every tune like an unexpected, forbidden, and probably deadly kiss. Whether it’s the beguine of “Running of the Bulls,” the tango of “Delirium,” or the country-western plaint of “Frontier Darlings,” the quartet -- vocalist and guitarist Megan Fong, bassist Eli Saragoussi, trumpeter Wesley Watkins, and drummer Alex Ferreira -- will keep you happily guessing through the EP’s seven distinctive tracks. Ferreira and Saragoussi’s slinky, sturdy rhythm section provide the foundation, while Watkins’ multitracked horns give each track added punch and panache. But it’s Fong’s strong, soulful, versatile voice -- equal parts blues barker and cabaret crooner -- that round out the sound, making Florea a seductive and satisfying listen.

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