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    Meban Jeffy is the youngest singer from Shillong. He just 17 years of age He started singing in the year 2012 when he was 13 years of age. He was born in the year 1998 at Saiden village, nongpoh Meban Jeffy love to sing when he was little he always sang every day after school, when he waked up at sleep .., breakfast,lunch and even in the toilet hehe. He also had the talent to paint and draw .he loved video game Meban Jeffy started recording in the year 2015 and got time to publish his songs on YouTube ,datahostfile etc His number famoust song was #5_in_the_ocean and comes #Timeline Meban Jeffy first original song was "Take me other way. And this song you can get it on YouTube he always want to be a singer celebrities like Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson , Benjamin lasnier, Chris Brown and even he wanted to created Some boyband like one direction. Now Meban Jeffy got time to recorded his new single song publish it soon. " We could be all around the world featuring Roza So be his fan guys .. Support him Download all his songs when he publish Thank you

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