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    MDAZ is a an artist RAP/R’n’B/SOUL ,he composes mostly of his songs in french and english .He had the opportunity to move on to countries because of his music . It is during a trip in west africica ,espécially in ivory coast where he met his future collaborator and friend IZAY ROLAND a producer .They have started to work under the brand of music édition 435 TIPS ENTERTAINMENT .A hardknock chapter flood his life when he lost his mum the month of june 2011 in France.He had no more shelther ,someone that he could fully count on all senses and plans of life .That's when he started recording seriously what he wrote during these past years .His music is deep mixing with pain ,deception ,reJoyce ,himseflf describing his lyrics inspired from an actor from a movie screening who comes from a long way and continue to improve and serve his best role a deep rythym and harmony unto a jaw . He has also founded an independant label in 2016 MAMSTIL PRODUCTIONS. So he became an artist /producer . MDAZ is an entertainer who has many arrows on in arc to bow down obstacles ,that's why he keeps his faith positive .He has already two albums and a lot more to come ...in the early 2016 MDAZ has founded his owned indépendant label called MAMSTIL PRODUCTIONS ,some new projects are coming out in his corporation ,stay tuned and connected who rave your all ears with a brand new sensation of rap/r'n'b/soul

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 "still believe ,i can make it "