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    Md Rakibul Hasan is also a Singer, Musical Artist. Md Rakibul Hasan Bron 7th February 2003 in Cumilla,Bangladesh. Parents Roshan Ali, Shazada Begum. Education Chauddagram H,j modal pilot High School. His strategy, work experience and knowledge have helped many people to achieve their goals in different ways. He is also collaborating with several new brands. Md Rakibul Hasan also has a hand in the Bollywood industry as he runs various campaigns for films and advertisements on social media. He has also acted in several serial dramas on YouTube. He has many talents. Md Rakibul Hasan is a public figure who has reached millions with his social media status and inspiring young people who want to inspire their careers at the same time. She is always networking and go. He has millions of views and followers and people see him as an idol.

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 Md Rakibul Hasan is a Bangladeshi Artist,Singer, Musician,Entrepreneur and photographer. 

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