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    Md. Aftab Uddin (born 25 Nov 2001) is a Bangladeshi social media cyber-security specialist, music artist, content creator, digital marketer and also a writer for some time. His online-based programmer has started in 2016 properly and it is going on smoothly. He has completed his root level to higher level study in Rural Development Academy Laboratory School & College. After that admitting to a Private University school of science & engineering he starts his new journey. Md. Aftab Uddin as known as Md. Aftab Uddin Toufiq. He is a Bangladeshi musical artist of Bogra. He is currently studying computer science engineering at United international University UIU Dhaka Bangladesh. He is the founder of "Coatord IT Technology Ltd and Aftab Digital Media and Coatord Software Technology Ltd." where he collects a group of people,all of them are striving against anti-social activists in social media and who loves working on IT Professionally. He is also volunteering in many social media groups for help people by many ways name ''Black Cyber Forest Hackers - BCFH. He works on social platforms for making people aware of their social media cyber-security and also helps them by giving instructions on it. He has a non-profit organizations named "Black Cyber Forest Hackers - BCFH" whereas he helps people who are affected by any cyber-security related issues. Recently he focused himself on the music industry and become a verified artist on Youtube, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, Apple Music, Sound Cloud and so many other platforms. He released his first music video named "I Still Remember You" and his first Record label named "Md. Aftab Uddin" which contains five pieces of music. He plays a great role in digital marketing also. He promotes people social media pages, groups or identifications throughout his platform without any profit. He is working as a Cyber Security Head in many social media platforms as "Black Cyber Forest Hackers - BCFH" and "Dangerous Force". He also plays a great role in " Hult Prize-2020" as a social media manager. He drams to make himself properly dedicated to the people by innovating something special which will keep everyone safe in cyber-space.

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