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    Maya Elena is writing and arranging spacious, uplifting, and intricate music. Mindful Folk Jazz - explores concepts such as healing, love, transmuting, non-attachment, social/political content. "I especially love the guitar tones and how centered your voice is in the mix. It's a very captivating and moody album, perfect for fall." - Andrea Swensson of The Current, MPR (branch of NPR) Maya also writes music under Illusion Valley - a 4 piece rock band that blends lilting female vocals are accompanied by thematic original music. Electric guitar electric bass, drum kit. Maya Elena; Vocals, Guitar DOC; Guitar Nick Spielman; Bass Corey Hess; Drums

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    • 10/4/2017 12:23:21 AM

      Songtradr tipped $5.00

 Folk with an edge - songs with uplifting messages of empowerment, resilience, and peace. Often tight knit harmonies & full arrangement variations.