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    When he was a toddler, Mathieu hijacked his parents’ saucepans to build a homemade drumkit and played along U2’s Best of 1980-1990. His thirst for music has never stopped since. He studied music theory and drumming at the conservatory for over ten years in Belgium while juggling rock and jazz bands, rehearsals, live shows, drums practice and of course high school. At eighteen, Mathieu moved to California, where he started producing electronic music with only a laptop and a MIDI keyboard, a good compromise between continuing to make music and traveling. While studying in the Netherlands and Singapore between 2011 and 2015, Mathieu kept producing music and he finally released his first album in 2016, under the artist name Pacific Highway. Now based in Luxembourg and after three years off music due to extensive business traveling and difficult work hours, Mathieu fought hard to make time for music again and started to develop a more mature sound. In 2020, he is expected to release his first EP Arkipel under his own name.

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 Multi-hyphenate Belgian artist Mathieu Moës fuses electronic music with orchestral elements, turning music into imagery for the blind.