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    Ms. Marta Gee got her first guitar with lessons on her fifth birthday in 1963. Since then she played in countless bands of all description and as a solo artist. Her performing career covers four decades fourty states and includes such world renowned venues as 'The Whiskey, Roxy, troubador, and Starwood club, in Hollywood, Bottom Line in NYC, BLUES and Kingston Mines in Chicago and San Fransiscos Loues Blues, Filmore, and others. During the late 1970's and early 80's Marta spent many hours learning the songwriting process by playing bass for a number of tunesmiths in the LA area. She says, "I never considered myself to posess the ability to write tunes but I did develop allt of skills when it came to adding a bass part that made things jell." Then in the mid 1990's she wrote an entire tune in about a half an hour that she wasn't embarrassed to play for people. From then on she has continued to have creative episodes and has been dabbling at grooves etc. "I still am hesitant to dub myself as a songwriter out of respect for the absolute dedication and brilliance of the people I was so fortunate to have worked for. Among them was Daryl Deloach the original singer for Iron Butterfly who claimed royLties for writing Innagoddaviduh (in the garden of eden. Today as a semi retired performer Ms. Gee resides in Sacramento and spends alot of time working on lyrics etc. And writing grooves on various synth instruments. Several up and coming artists have recorded her original songs including r&b vocalist Earl Thomas Bridgeman who is currently in Europ touring at the same venues as Tom Jones et-al.

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