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    Hailing from the Upstate NY town of Mahopac, the pop/punk indie band Reckless Serenade are all friends from high school, each with unique tastes in music, bringing their different styles to the writing process resulting in upbeat and angst-ridden songs spanning many genres. Pulling their name from the Arctic Monkey's song of the same name, the 5 piece formed in 2012. The players, Cory Brent- Vocals, Mark Neidhardt- Guitar, Brian Morgan- Bass, Matt Ruggiero- Drums all met at school, and found their musical identities matched their ambitions, and they instantly connected. Since then, they've made enormous strides in becoming more than just a local band. Their first 6 song EP was released by Fervor Records and has been featured on Fox Sports. The band won the MTVu Freshmen with the single from the EP 'Two Years Too Late'. Last year saw the release of their debut full length album 'Chasing Lights', with each song on the album sounding distinctive, allowing Reckless Serenade's dynamic and versatile sound inspire their audiences at shows across the northeast. Chasing Lights garnered Top 30 successes around the country at College Radio over the summer, as well as commencing a series of east coast dates to support the record. 'Hear Me Out' blogger Luke Helker says: "Chasing Lights is an album full of anthems from start to finish and never has a dull moment. This is good, aggressive, edgy pop-punk music for the pop-punk fan looking for something fresh and exciting. The latest video from Reckless Serenade, 'Take Me Back To The Summer' will launch in the fall of 2014, out and showcases the band's dynamic sense of melody and rhythm as well as their offbeat humor, with the song highlighting their intelligent arranging and playing skills as well as powerful vocals. Look for the latest songs this fall and a new record in 2015!

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