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    Born in the parish of St. Mary to parent Chancery Hall and George Levy, as a child I attend the Mt. Angust A/A school before rocating to St. James where I attended the Bickersteth primary and Cambridge secondary schools, as a teenager I moved to Kingston where it was more easier to developed my artiste carrier, I started to visit studios like the Sugar Minotts owned "youthman promotion", studio mix, caveman studio, Cashflow to name a few, I leaved Kingston and resided with my dad in Portmore in 1997 where I linked up with Shadrock, now Rokk and Kingwass and as a trio we came up with the name "the Galawass Crew, after a few years together as a group, I moved back to Kingston and in the year 2000 while on a visit to Cashflow studio to record a demo the owners of the studio liked the song and that became my 1st recording, "crush my heart", feat. Saint and Spaz I begin doing several more recording for cash flow, Jah Bless and touch of nature who signed me for 3 years and landed an album that was not release, I have also done collabs with veteran singer Sugar Minott, Anijah, Gemstone Dawkins, Te-omar, Black Gold, Shenko National, Denalhi, to name a few and also done recordings for jahlishus, and nwx connections to name a few

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