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    Signed to the major labels Warner Music (Australia) and Atlantic Records (USA) in 1998, Marie Wilson has continued to have a positive impact on those who have loved and supported her music. With the evolution of the music industry, Wilson has embraced new technologies and is excited about the opportunities that now present themselves to artists. Her album, 'Real Life' debuted in the top 10 ARIA charts (Australia) and her first single (Next Time) and second single (Won't Keep a Good Girl Down) both debuted in the Top 20. Her live performance is dynamic and her songs touch the heart of life and love and everything in between. She writes mostly from a personal perspective which draws the listener in and makes them feel as though the song was written for them. Wilson has written songs with the likes of Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance, Mark Hudson, Desmond Child and has songs performed by other artists (Leann Rimes). Her recent album 'Extraordinary' is powerful, touching and leaves you wanting more. Marie Wilson's next album is on its way.

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