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    Monelise’s one-of-a-kind “Kate Bush meets David Lynch” musical aesthetic and immersive live shows recently gained recognition at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe— the world’s largest arts festival— where her conceptual show “Hauntology” (based on the 2019 album) earned 5 star reviews. She credits her transformative year of Masters studies at the renowned Goldsmiths University (James Blake, Rosie Lowe) to have been particularly influential on her current sound: a blend of art pop; trip hop; evocative vocals and cinematic atmospherics. Listeners and reviewers often comment that experiencing Monelise’s music is akin to immersing oneself in a mysterious world permeated by “haunting echoes of forgotten dreams” (Fringe Review). In 2021 alone, Monelise amassed close to 1 million Spotify streams as an entirely independent artist and songwriter.

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 "Like a Kate Bush soundtrack to a David Lynch film"