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    Flutist, keyboardist, composer, Marcus initiated his musical studies at the age of 6, playing accordion. In 1977 he started playing flute, recorder and accordion with Bacamarte group, whose album "Depois do Fim" is considered one of the most important albums in the Brazilian progressive scenary. In 1988 he started a solo career composing music for theatre, video, dance, fine art instalations and the web. Since 2017, Marcus is member of Vitral, a progressive rock group, whose first album, Entre as Estrelas, was released in December, 2017. Marcus also played flutes, keyboards and accordion with Brazilian folk-rock group Roque Malasartes, with which he recorded the album A Memória das Naus.

  • Links

  • Fantasia Brasileira (Brazilian Fantasy)
  • Atahualpa
  • Branca Solidão (White Loneliness)
  • Entre o Mar e as Montanhas (Between the Sea and the Mountains)
  • Outro Luar (Another Moonlight)
  • Porque o Coração Não É Deserto (Because Heart Is Not Desert)
  • Soundscapes for Drone Flights Pt 1
  • Soundscapes for Drone Flights Pt 5
  • Voando no Vale das Sebastianas (Flying on the Sebastianas' Valley)
  • Valsa (Waltz)