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    2023 World Song Writing Awards gives Top Ten Finalist award to "Going Home" in the Instrumental Category ~ 2022 World Song Writing Awards gives Top Ten Finalist Pop Category award to "Dreams Do Come True" ~ 2022 UK International Song Competition awards love song "DREAMS DO COME TRUE" a 5 star Semi-Finalist placement! The 2021 UK International Song Competition awarded "LOOSEN UP / DANCE AND SING" (Pop/Rock) a Semi-Finalist Consideration status plus a 5 star Commended Entry w/Special Mention; 2020 UK International Song Competition awards "HAPPY PEOPLE" a Semi-Finalist Winner and also awarded "DREAMS DO COME TRUE" (First Dance / Love Song) a 5 star Commended Entry status! ~ The 2019 SONG OF THE YEAR CONTEST awarded the Instrumental Theme "GOING HOME" the Runner Up placement! ~ Marc Giammarco's additional songwriting honors include Honorable Mention at the American Song Festival, Hollywood, CA. Marc's song "HAPPY PEOPLE" received two Honorable Mention Awards in the Professional Country category at the Music City Song Festival, Nashville, TN. ~ Vh1 Save the Music/Song of the Year competition awarded three Runner Up in Song Excellence awards in the Pop & Adult Contemporary categories. The 12th Annual BILLBOARD World Song Contest awarded three Honorable Mentions (Top 500 songwriter) in the Country/Folk category (for "Happy People"), the Pop category (for Hedon Song), and in the Contemporary Christian/Gospel category (for "Closer to The Truth") ~ The 13th Annual Billboard World Song Contest also awarded three Honorable Mention Awards (Top 500 Writer!) in the Pop category ( for "Isn’t it Amazing", "Get Up!" and "Sitting on Dynamite"). Past honors include the Vh1 Song Competition 2012 Artist of the Year to Watch award and also placed as a 2011 Semi-Finalist in the 2011 Vh1 Song Competition (for "The State of Love Today") AND in the 2018 Song of The Year Songwriting Competition (Love Song) "DREAMS DO COME TRUE".

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