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    FDog13 is the clever, musical brainchild of frontman-vocalist-lyricist Junedog and DJ-beatsman-techno prodigy, Myke. Both Junedog and Myke are seasoned musicians,having invested their time, talent and energy into several successful Indie bands over the years. The simple but edgy guitar riffs, added to Junedog’s intense vocals, honest, intelligent lyrics and Myke’s hyperactive, more than catchy volley of beats and synths, complete the music unit. Citing bands and DJ's like Filter, Pendulum, Hadouken, Nero, Skrillex, BT, Linkin Park, Nine Inch Nails and Prodigy among their musical influences, F Dog13 delivers a highly creative fusion of honest, gritty rock-n-roll and the latest in audio technology. Add to this the impassioned vocals of each song, and the result is an almost cathartic musical and emotional experience. This unique combination promises to take music to the next level. Christened as ‘Edgy Emotronic Dance Rock Music’, FDog13 will take you on a fast paced, gut-wrenching musical journey, assaulting your senses, getting you up on your feet, and leaving you craving more! https://www.facebook.com/fdog13/ https://soundcloud.com/fdog13