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    Ten years ago, my love for music manifested into a journey that has led me to where I am now. I started as an artist quickly on the rise. I understood business and knew what it took to get where I wanted to go. Quickly I realized that a budget played more of a role then I ever imagined. Still, my drive and desire to create allowed me to overcome most obstacles and create a substantial following. Fast forward to the present. I still have a love for creating art but I have decided to veer off my normal path and journey into the world of Music Composition. The biggest advantage to any artist choosing my production is that it comes from the hands of an artist who had an ear for the right sound. I will never give up my passion for creating art so I have taken to the independent production world full speed ahead. I personally guarantee every sound will not only enhance your art, it will create magic. My name is Josh Minor and this is Major League Beats.

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 Welcome To The Major Leagues