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    An intuitive, experimental musician, Maia does not fit easily into any genre. She prefers to describe what she creates as 'music for the aspiring heart of humanity.' Solo and in collaborations, she offers unique instruments, original compositions, improvisations, soulful songs and harmonies. The centrepiece of her assortment of instruments is the PANArt hang ~ an enchanting, ethereal, magnetizing, profoundly gentle instrument that has been described as 'for this world, but not of this world.'

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 Unique, experimental, genre-bending, eclectic instrumentals & lyric songs (solo & collaborations). 

  • Boundless
  • Lightness Of Heart
  • Core Caress
  • Cosmic Lullaby
  • Bliss Be With You
  • Sanctuary
  • Love
  • Not Two, Not Two | Instrumental
  • Tru(deau) Love! (Extended Version)
  • Wisdom Of The Earth