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    Press Release: Hailing from Walthamstow, North-East London, Lynton D. Bovell has been producing and has been constructing Social narrative, of U.K. Garage or so called 'Eskibeat' since 2000 under various pseudonym’s. With 18 years of experience under his belt, he has progressed into a 'Dark horse' as producer, writer and Recording Artist/Rapper. At the beginning of his career, he specialized in combative music which incorporated much of his rugged street communitourial life at a pinnacle time when this type of music was advancing from underground to mainstream. His reputation soon enabled him to experiment with a range of different genres and this eventually evolved into R&B but especially Hip-Hop. In 2010, Lynton took it upon himself to study Business Enterprise at a community college in Walthamstow, London. This is where the he cultivated an idea for a new music company and that company was called: 'The Dinner- Table'- Entertainment Company A.K.A 'The Dinner Table' or T.D.E.C for shortening purposes. His dream was to take it further then the community. He had a message! In this time, he has produced instrumentals for a number of UK and American MC’s. His most successful production was ‘Ode To Raekwon'’ ft Upon by T-shirt which was prominently featured in American music media; including The Source, Complex Magazine and XXL magazine. The track was praised by Raekwon (of Wu-Tang Clan) himself. A music video was shot to accompany the song and currently has 27k hits on YouTube. Lynton prides himself in performing and collaborating on records, using the skills he has equipped over the years to create and deliver quality pieces of music. To listen to his work and stay connected, check him out: WWW.Twitter.Com/LyntonBovell WWW. Instagram.com/LyntonOfTheTable WWW.Soundcloud.Com/LyntonDe’lacyBovell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4oP4cDcXuM Beat-Klub Performance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEeF_fcHqeY UK Unsigned Hype Performance. For sales & information contact; THEFIRSTTABLE@GMAIL.COM

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