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    Now known as mtoti_musiq, a South African indie musician from a small town called estcourt in KZN. A producer with unique creations, heart felt combination of sounds, a creative song remixer, vehement disc jockey (dj) and a drummer. He has been on the journey for some time and a part of the underground world (underground musician), Being part of the movement of the underground community has taught him the value of originality, the importance of keeping balance and producing content that is relevant and that one can relate to. Having the drive and passion to learn, grow and progress constantly, he has beeen exposed to and influenced by a lot of genres of music which have inspired his creativity and is proud to bring a fusion between different worlds to create and form one strong effective voice, Africa being the foundation voice with its strong beats and unique rhythms. With all that in the picture, his intentions, goals and mission is to Inspire, Educate, Motivate, Communicate and Have a positive impact through music and most importantly to provide influential music that will bring change to ones life and to the world through the power and vibrations of sounds. He has released his 1st official project out of the underground world called “ELECTRONICA MEETS AFRIKA” which is available on major digital stores and streaming services/platforms.

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