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    Born in 1987, Luis Lopez Pinto is a graduated composer by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music ( UK ) . Always with a huge influence by alternative rock music and with a solid classical training, he studied a Master Degree in Filmscoring by Centro Superior Katarina Gurska in Madrid winning the Best Original Soundtrack award of that year. Very interested in music teaching as well, he was the head music in St Georges Schools, with a British educational system. In 2015 he decided to change his life in order to pursuit the dream and become a full time composer, so he associated with Dopplermedia Studios in Madrid, where has been composing since then. Very happy to chaise his dreams and to live life as creatively as he can, really interested in growing true conections, always trying to be a good co-worker, strong believer in groups and in the power of co-working . Life is nothing but what we want it to be, we just need to be brave and been able to change and learn as much as we can.