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    Hello, I am Luis Galvan for short, my name is a bit longer than that. I love to create pencil art on a relaxed day, in a community park, or church garden, become inspired by the rhythms of crickets while I compose music on a studio program, or write poetry, it depends on the mood I am in. The rest of my time is spent making money so that I may once again lead into my perceptions of life and inspiration. I care less for trivial manners. It is nothing more then a blame game to those people, so that they can continue to confuse one's mind. I feel this way about my social progress due to people of foul nature in other experiences as a lyrical artist. I have one other street name people call me by that I use as a alias, but I have two or three nicknames that are mainly personal and of familiar orientation. I hope to one day be part of a production team so that we can make the best of our intellect, and enjoy the seasons that life, and its creation prevails upon.

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 You can depict a spell, but never be whom had opened the portal. 

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