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    n the suburbs of Pittsburgh, two neighborhood kids Jarrod Morgan (guitars, drums, synth) and Lucas Macaluso (keyboards) forged a friendship over their affinity for Pokemon Yellow Edition-- a friendship that would later evolve into a musical synergy known as Marshall Magic. The two friends came up on all things rock music, early 2000’s nu-metal and punk handed down from their older siblings, later gravitating to a softer melodic sphere—the Killers, MGMT, Phoenix, and Muse. The EDM wave was at its crest as Morgan and Macaluso entered high school, and they were swallowed up by the new sonic scapes pioneered by electronic titans like Skrillex, Porter Robinson, and Justice. During a soul-searching road trip across the US, they settled on the name Marshall Magic, a cheeky nod to their childhood elementary school’s anthem “Marshall Magic Kids”. More than that, the name represents a commitment to old-school-new-school-elementary-school jams that feel like magic.

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