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    Cornelius Bryant , Born and raised in Miami,Fl. Grew Up with his father and grandmother. In Littil Haiti went to Shadowlawn Elementary School. When Loko Pablo comes home from school. He could always here is father playing beats. An one day Loko comes home and his dad have a studio. they had the Mic in the bathroom and the computer and the equipment was facing the wall. So Loko use to always sit there and watch. But has a kid he got up an went outside. An he meet Mike The Skateboad P Kid. After being friends with Mike Both Of them going to school together. They became the best of friends. Both had the same dreams of wanting to be pro skaters. Loko Pablo had so many pairs of ice cream shoes he gave a pair to Mike to skate in. As Loko got older and hanging with different people. He seen things he thought was real but it was fake. So he start hanging on the block across the street from his grandma house with the boys out the neighborhood. He would go on the weekend to his Annie house ( Auntie) an spend time with his older cousin and his auntie always pulled out the video cam. Everybody would have something funny to do or some one singing dancing making jokes. Having fun until 13 ,14 Loko smoking weed running from the cops. As a teen Loko was lock up in Miami Juvenile Detention Center For Burgerly ( While Occupied) after that he never visit juvenile again.

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