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    With a musical diversity and playing style list similar in length to the average “My Jams” playlist, Logan Brown weaves in and out of beautiful lullabies and haunting melodies with his blend of traditional American Primitive and modern day Fingerstyle guitar. A full-time musician since 2014, Logan has worn a myriad of hats throughout the years. Starting in Heavy Metal and working his way through Blues, Jazz, and Folk to end up at Instrumental guitar with enough tools in his toolbox to make Tim Allen jealous. Touring across Ontario, bringing music to audiences of all ages, Logan dazzles both with the technical ability you would expect from his genre as well as the beautiful hooks that glue his songs together. Lights, camera, action as the psychedelic light show helps transport the crowd on a rocket ship to space, piloted by Logan and his opened tuned guitars. A poet as well as a musician, Logan has written poetry to accompany his songs and, with a career in live music spanning over a decade, has acquired some wild stories too. Sharing a musical relationship to guitarists like Tommy Emmanuel, John Fahey, Jack Rose and Don Ross, Logan's music also shares a spiritual connection to classical music. Often dropping the standard "Verse-Chorus" formula to write his pieces with "Movements." If a picture can say a thousand words then Logan's songs will feel like a novel, telling stories of everything from cinematic fantasy worlds to dealing with real loss and heartache. Logan's debut record "Canadian Primitive" comes out September 18th and features seven original songs. Crafted with the story as the focus, accompaniment ranges to everything from detuned mandolin to Brahms' Lullaby sung backwards to the sound of leaves being crunched under his boot. Taking inspiration from Avant-garde recording artists, Logan took as much advantage of the microphone in his mobile device as he did the hoards of microphones in his home studio.

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 Music maker, teacher, dishevelled artist. Paint brush of choice is the acoustic guitar.