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    Liiwor Bertrand aka Liino6ix hails from Bui Division in the North West Region of Cameroon. Born on 11th of June 1991. He did his primary, Secondary and High School studies in Bambui finishing in 2013with an Advanced Level Certificate in commercial studies. Due to his burning desire to become an iconic Musician, He took a year off to follow his dreams. During this period he did his first recording under ‘May 27 Records’ titled ‘Tears in Africa’ which made waves in his neighborhood. He equally worked with ‘Red Gong Entertainment and CJ records’. He is presently an independent artist in the hustling lane looking to standout. At the end of this period, He continue to the Cambridge University of Bamenda graduating with a Diploma in Marketing in 2016. He immediately started putting more energy, efforts and resources in his dream of touching lives through his music. Linno6ix is a versatile, energetic, talented and passionate Afro/RnB singer- delivering in his dialect (Nso Language), Pidgin English, English and French. He has been invited to perform at Talent Shows and Local Occasions and popular Radio programs.

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