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    L e V a N - (stage name) His appreciation of music was evident at an early age & his natural aptitude for listening, responding to music & his absolute sense of hearing, has played an important role in his development. At the age of three, it was clear right away that he's gonna be in music, after, all of a sudden, he went to piano and started playing small part from "Tchaikovsky - October" by ear - music he heard earlier, not even knowing playing piano by that time & already by the age of 4, started taking music lessons. By the time he was 6 years old, he had inclinations to musical composition, & at the age of 6 he was accepted in Music School for gifted kids - the department of classic piano & studied there for eight years. During that time he participated in many concerts & musical competitions of the school. In the 7th Form he was awarded the First Prize in the contests for performing Chopin’s works. Later he decided to enter the department of Theory & Composition. During this time his interest in vocal genres of pop music deepened. At the same time he entered the pop-jazz department (vocal) of the Musical College which later changed it's status from College into University & after graduating it he obtained qualification of the performer. Both classical music & jazz helped him to determine priorities of creative appreciation. Very often the intonations from classical works would provide the nourishment & 'spark' for his imagination & stimulate creativity in his own works. In his own compositions it is possible to easily trace the mix of rock, soul & other musical trends. These compositions are distinguished by rich melodies, a highly developed sense of harmonic thinking & the feeling for musical form. His musical ideas & concepts are directed at a search for synthetic forms that appear as a result of the interaction between different genres. All of these complex ideas create works which are in a strong tradition of this genre. Meanwhile developing his own style, he finished Central Musical College & received a musical college diploma in composition. He writes the lyrics to his songs & very often he is a “lyrical hero” of these songs. He performs his songs himself. in 2011 and 2013 he participated in the “The UK Songwriting Contest” & was granted a Certificates for songs & compositions in different genres. In autumn 2013 participated in international festival in Vilnius (Lithuania) where he was awarded Grand-Prix for the best pop vocal performance, as well as got awards and certificates for songwriting and in the other categories he was represented, as well as announced a laureate of 1st degree. His works includes also music for fashion shows – (“Miami Beach Internetional Bridal Week 2011”, “New York Houte Couture Fasion Week 2012” , "Los Angeles Hollywood Style Fashion Week 2012" ) Beside this he collaborated with different Artists – (“X-Factor”- Greece , “Geo-Star” - Georgian version of American Idol ) Levan is inspired by such singers as Whitney Houston, Kim Burrell, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Celine Dion, Lara Fabian, Anastacia, Christina Aguilera, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, “The Beatles”, “Abba”, Pink, “Within Temptation”, & “Nightwish”, & many others have influenced his works. The great composers of classic music such as Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Tchaikovsky & Mozart, have had a great impact & influenced the development of his musical preferences. At this time, he is working on his debut album. - All the rights for all the audio/visual material used on the website are reserved.Any use of materials without permission of the owner, will be pursued by the law.

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