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    Music is the language of the soul, nothing could be truer. An inspirational Reggae-pop artist, has earned a reputation as a talented musician and skillful performer. from live gigs to studio sessions and more, LeSeya Lee continues to touch fans around the world with a distinct and enjoyable musical style. Leseya Lee raised in the tourisim city of Montego Bay, Jamaica, by way of Massachusetts,Pennsylvania, Los Angeles, Canada . Leseya a young talented and driven artist with a passion for the arts After working on the album of other Hip Hop artists, Leseya Lee is currently in the studio working on her own album, with the support of some artists whose names have not been communicated yet. . However, 3 tracks will surely be on his first album, these are entitled "Rock With Me" , "You Got Me Leseya Lee" and "Mr. DJ" . The two titles I prefer are "Rock With Me" and "Mr. DJ" . I think that "Mr DJ" would make an excellent first single.You can only listen to an extract of the three titles mentioned above on his space_ myspace.com/leseyalee; https://soundcloud.com/leseyalee; https://www.instagram.com/leseyalee1/