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    Having won 1st Place out of 6000 songs in an International Song Competition with an original song "Smile" ( written, produced, performed), he is continually producing and writing new material, collaborating, producing /vocal producing other artists out of his Santa Monica based commercial recording studio NewVine Music Studio. Leonardo Antinori was born in Rome Italy and now lives in Los Angeles CA and is the Owner of NewVine Music a Music Production Company and commercial recording studio in Santa Monica, CA. Growing up in various parts of the world he learned 5 languages and speaks them fluently. Having traveled and lived in countries such as Italy, Cameroon, Austria, Honduras and the US, he at a very young age developed a deep love, ear and ability to understand different cultures and styles of music and now having honed his craft as writer/singer/producer puts them to good use. His musical journey began as a young boy before he could even speak, hearing african drum music while living in Cameroon, Africa. Later, he was also heavily influenced by the amount of international and pop music that was consumed by his parents growing up. Of a Latina mother and a Brazilian born, Italian father, there was no shortage of music in their home at any point. Later on, he became intrigued by the sounds on the radio, how they were crafted and made to sound the way they did. With idols such as Michael Jackson, U2, Phil Collins, Timbaland, Coldplay ; lush productions and anthemic songs ; he now uses his musical sensibilities to mold and craft new tasteful music and songs. In his early teens, recording & production as well as writing and singing became a passion that drove him to move to the US alone at age 18 to study music. After winning 2nd prize at an International singing and talent competition with his original written, produced and performed song "Day After Day" ( I.M.T.A in New York in the Summer of 2005) he made his move to Los Angeles where he started NewVine Music & NewVine Music Recording with a vision to assist artists and creators in making new sounds and distributing them through all media platforms including TV & Film to better reach the world.

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