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    Biography Mike chipulilo mwape, better know by his stage name LeonSings is a singer/songwriter and entrepreneur who was born in what is commonly known as "Mad city" Kitwe He was brought up in a house hold of discipline and order. LeonSings was taught proper life skills of been respectful towards what you love the most in life. Been born and bred in a family oriented around the world of music, LeonSings slowly discovered the love for music. At a tender age of 13 years old, LeonSings never wanted to listen or watch anything apart from music. It seemed that the sound of music was the only time LeonSings felt like himself. Although he was young for a studio session, at 16 years old LeonSings later discovered that he indeed has a voice inside him, a voice that was discovered by his cousin (G-weezy) who introduced him to studio equipment. Been the shy person that he was when he was a minor, LeonSings was singing one of the songs by the late Michael Jackson not knowing that the whole room could hear him singing, His cousin was listening attentively, amazed by his vocals LeonSings was later recruited at the studio to work with them. At the age of 17 years old LeonSings and his friends formed a family music groups ( Dope Gang Empire DGE) which consisted manly of family friends who he considers as brothers, John Mulenga (Miller HQ), Millan Lange (Famous breezy). In his early stages of self discovery LeonSings was known as "Kas wizzy", he and his friends worked on a couple of songs that they gained recognition from friends in the streets "Girlfriend" "successful" "Turn up" etc. Later in the same year they got signed to a hood record label "Hot stuff music production" for a year and worked on a couple of tracks "Ghetto dreaming" "Been through" After years of developing his talent and always surrounding himself with music minds, he finally found a formula that would distinguish his art from the rest. The group Dope Gang Empire (DGE) broke up and each person pursued different paths in their lives. Although the group broke up LeonSings continued working with John (Miller HQ) and recruited Collins N'gona (coco prince) as their personal producer and developed a relationship and chemistry that no one can break. In the year 2019 LeonSings decided that it was time for a drastic change in his music career. He decided to change his name from "Kas wizzy" to "LeonSings" he felt that in order to for him to bring off a sense of authenticity the fact that he ventured in the afro Rnb sound so he decided to have a name that sounds more Love-ish and RnB-ish and thus when LeonSings was born After a year of preparation and mastering his art LeonSings finally dropped his debut mixtape untitled #Love_strings_and_lyrics after promising his listeners that after listening to his tape they will know LeonSings for who he really is.

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