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    The LA Littlebear band All music and lyrics by Leo Auciello The band. Leo Auciello: bass, vocals Jak Khouri. Lead Guitar/backing vocals Anthony Khouri. Drums Leo Auciello. Bass guitar/vocals. The "Littlebear band" is a unique high powered rock outfit out of "Sydney Australia", the music is a blend of many styles (rock and punk being the main ingredient) it's quite different to any other band you will hear. The band encompasses many genre's and styles and no song is like another, although there is a binding theme throughout. We believe in our songs, give them a good listen and you will believe too and realise how awesome is our music and lyric's. We get great feedback from our audiences at the gigs, cheer's, applause, encore's, such really good feedback and compliments, and what is even more awesome is that each gig we play brings more and more people to the shows. does anything else about us really matter? What does matter is we know you will like our music. "This is the only most important" IDI AMIN Cheers from Leo, Jak and Anthony "THE LITTLEBEAR BAND" "this is the only most important… IDI AMIN CHEERS from Leo, Jak and Anthony. "THE LITTLEBEAR BAND"

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