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    One Stop: All songs Copyrights, All songs Work for Hire forms complete. Singer/Songwriter, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Professional Musician (Bass Player - all styles), Producer Genre - Indie Pop-Rock (Linkin Park meets Gwen Stefani), Punk (Green Day), Rock, Pop, Funk, Ballads, Love songs, Christmas songs, Instrumentals, Solo Piano BA - Penn State, BFA - CCA I love creating and writing songs in all styles. I'm slowly getting around to adding my music here including the cool/creative songs from my Missing Children band. I've had 10 different songs place in songwriting contest (3 songs placed this past year). 5 Facts about me: 1. I'm a huge Mike Patton fan! 2. My guitar player, Tony, had an aneurysm and died on stage next to me. (We had just finished playing 'Angel' by Jimi Hendrix. 3. When I lived in Oakland (where I started playing music professionally) my apartment was between Money B and DJ Fuze. Since Tupac was a member of Digital Underground before he went solo,Tupac use to do his laundry in our laundry room. I met Tupac there; laid back, smoking pot, doing his laundry. 4. The first guitar player I ever played with in a band was taking lessons from Joe Satriani. He took me to see all of the great fusion guitar players, King Crimson, Frank Gambale, Roy Buchanan, Steve Morse and the Dixie Dregs, Allan Holdsworth, Steve Vai, etc. That is when I wanted to learn how to solo on the bass - which I can. 5. The guitar player/partner for the Missing Children band (my first original band in the Seattle area) had a psychotic episode and ended up in the mental hospital. Signed to an Independent Recording Contract in 2000. Released 5 CDs, and I'm currently working on my sixth CD. Our first CD -'Wants & Needs' -with the Missing Children band was nominated best Funk album of the year. A Professional Musician - (Bass player) - played bass for Jimi Hendrix Guitar Competition Tour, Played with Goldy McJohn - Steppenwolf's keyboardist and founding member, Played NAMM Showcases - including playing with Eddie DeGenaro, Sal Marquez (Trumpet for Buddy Rich and Frank Zappa to name a few). Played over 4,000 paid gigs Film and TV music sync - Wonder Years Documentary, Videos - Frank Deras Photography, and Short Films *Award Winning Songwriter - 'B-O-R-I-N-G' -Winner - Rock Category of The Great American Song Contest - 2017 'I Like You' (Punk Rock version) - Finalist - Rock Category of The Great American Song Contest - 2017 'One Thousand Lights' - Semifinalist - Song of the Year 2017 'I Like You' Remix - Finalist - Song of the Year 'My Father's Song' - Finalist - Song of the Year 'Give Up Me' - Semi -Finalist - Song of the Year 'I Like You' & 'Crawling' - Billboard songwriting Honorable Mention 'Have a Nice Day' - Song of the Year Finalist and honorable mention 'Just a Frog' – Song of the Year – Honorable Mention – 'Boring' – Unisong – Honorable Mention, and Song of the Year- Honorable Mention 'Loser Magnet' – Song of the Year – Honorable Mention

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 Fall down seven times, stand up eight.