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    RedLight was created in 2007 in Marseille, France by Londres, Dapé and Guy, with a unique style once described as a "A Great and Fresh Mix of Electro-Rock-HipHop-Blues!"? Already heard in indie and major France Radios such as LaGrosseRadio, Radio Néo, Graf'Hit, Le Mouv', OUI FM or France Info, RedLight music seduces by its catchy choruses and different influences. After the release of their debut album « Crash System Control » downloaded illegally more than 40000 times, RedLight took the road for hundreds of Live shows all over France (such as Paris: Hard Rock Café, Sentier des Halles, Glazart; Marseille: Poste à Galene, Espace Julien, Festivals Massiliades, Massilia Rock, Rock DC, Vinestivales, Saint des seins Toulouse, Le Fiacre Bordeaux). After a 6 tracks EP « What’s Going On? » in 2010, two Double singles in 2012 and a second full length album « Astronauts » in 2013, the new 4 tracks EP « Jukebox Vol.1 » was released in june 2015 showing a come back to the DIY roots of the band (Production/Recording/Mix/Mastering by RedLight) with a raw sound still showing signs of the different styles fusion RedLight trademark. The band already recording the follow up EP will release different volumes of its Jukebox Collection in 2016.

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