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    Laurence P. Tasse lpt270@yahoo.com 510.316.1573 www.larrytassemusic.com I began my Performing, Songwriting and Composing career in New York City's famous Tin Pan Alley working as a Staff Songwriter for Kama Sutra Records. While there I was discovered by a Rock and Roll manager, who put me to work as a Songwriter/Composer/Pianist/Mime in an Art Rock band called “The Hello People”. The band created five commercially released record albums, two of which were produced by Todd Rundgren. The band appeared on the “Tonight Show”, Carnegie Hall, Radio City Music Hall, and the Fillmore's East and West while constantly touring the U.S. I toured with Todd Rundgren as a Pianist/Keyboardist and Vocalist on his “Back to The Bars” tour. My music has been heard on two soundtracks which almost summed up my career, “Almost Famous” and “6 Feet Under”. However Rockers never say die. I survived as a Soloist and Accompanist, by playing in N.Y.C. Society and Bar Bands, Studio Recording, and Performing in Senior Community venues, where a growing number of the residents grew up on Rock and Roll. My true passion has always been Performing, Songwriting and Composing along with striking the Keys. I studied Piano, Songwriting, Composing and Music & Jazz Theory privately. Thank you, Larry Tasse

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