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    In 2015 Lachie released Rising Sons at the Torquay Dawn Service on ANZAC Day. Rising Sons is a commemorative concept album in honour of those who served for the 100th Anniversary of the Gallipoli landings. He has a partnership with the White Cloud Foundation by donating portions of CD sales from Rising Sons to assist them further with their treatment of Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD in Australians. In May 2015 he worked alongside the Victorian Youth Symphony Orchestra for their concert series “Battlefronts” where he arranged and performed songs from Rising Sons with the Orchestra – The audio can be found on YouTube. Lachie has a decorated performance history with festivals, national and international support positions in many notable venues across the state and overseas. He has a Bachelor of Entertainment (Popular Music & Performance) and aside from teaching voice, guitar, and Piano at Sound Works Music Studio he has teamed up with old Ryu bandmate, Phoebe Chiller, and drummer, Uwen Low, to work on a follow up album.

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