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    Born in 98'; Lécio Dias is from Santa Maria da Feira. From the string bass to the transcendentalist poetry, he is the one that gives the voice to Firgun. "Firgun" is (in modern Hebrew) a word originated in Yiddish. This translates into the idea of ​​being happy with someone's success; means sharing or contributing to someone's pleasure or destiny, with generosity and without jealousy or envy. It is, at the base of everything, a feeling ... And that is exactly what Firgun is looking for with his music; It seeks a certain awareness in the worldliness of loving and being loved, of being equal to difference and of being incompletely incomplete ... He does not sing for himself, he does not sing about himself, but about society and about the experiences he knows through words of other people ... Self-qualifies as "experienced by others" and, let's face it, this is the reason for choosing this name.

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