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    What's up everybody! I'm Kyle, a singer-songwriter, storyteller, and lifelong adventurer in the LA-area. You can find me perform regularly on Twitch (twitch.tv/kylerogan) and follow me on social media to find out what other things I'm creating! I bounce a lot between different genres because that’s what I like listening to! I’m of the opinion that you should write songs you’d want to listen to over and over again. I listen to a lot of Matchbox Twenty, Avett Brothers, Twenty One Pilots, and Weezer, so if you like any of those guys, you’ll probably find some good stuff here and we can take our friendship to the next level. (Near-best-friend status if you can name several Barenaked Ladies non-hits.) I’m also a huge fan of camping, Settlers of Catan, and going to midnight premieres. It’s not really related, but I just wanted Jimmy Fallon to have something to talk about when he invites me onto his show. Hi Jimmy.

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 Singer-Songwriter (Acoustic & Pop Rock)