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    Since setting out as a singer and songwriter, Kyle English has been able to hone his craft; finding a voice and style that, upon hearing it, is easily identified as his own. He is constantly performing and writing and his songs are described as heartfelt and catchy. For Kyle, the songs come first regardless of current trends. His sound is reminiscent of the next age of classic rock; music that is guitar driven and lyric based, following in the footsteps of 90s artists from when he was coming of age. Kyle’s lead single “Sophia”, from the Indian Summer EP, is steeped in the sound of The Gin Blossoms; this offers a sound that is nostalgic, not an imitation. On Kyle’s full length follow up album, tracks like “One Night Romeo” display his strength as a singer and songwriter, featuring simply vocal and guitar. “What it’s Like” and “Don’t Fade Away” are full arrangements akin to that of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band. Kyle is currently in the studio working on new material for his next release.

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