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    Kumaraza (DJK) was a DJ and now an independent producer of electronic dance music. He blends together his own kind of music using originally crafted music notes, track melodies and sound arrangements to produce a new and trending genre of dance music that he labeled as organic tech. "HOPE", his first electronic music album harnesses the influence of house music, progressive house and melodic techno. He then electrifies his music track adding to it his own uniquely mastered music and lyrical notes, powerful melodic vibes and submissive sound arrangements. His album does not contain short-cuts from external plug-ins. Hope is a unique blend of creativity, passion and determination . It even features the voice of his 10-year-old daughter; a symbol which identifies with his album title. Kumaraza began his humble beginnings as a DJ in G-villa, Kuala Lumpur. His passion and perseverance would soon take him to being a star-resident in dance clubs around Malaysia and guest appearances in South East Asia. The journey of producing the album HOPE is one of self-discovery, determination to succeed and above all else; the believe and aspiration he hopes to share and ignite, in that of others. He hope you will enjoy listening to this album.

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