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    This is my first album. It was written, arranged and produced by me on a shoestring budget in my bedroom. On it, I deal with various topics such as the human/pet connection,religious delusions and confusion, the criminal justice system and my tumultuous relationship with my family. I hope to provide some fresh topics--something different from the same sex and cheating songs that are already everywhere. I had no confidence in myself and in my own voice. So, the songs were written way before I even dared to open my mouth to sing them! I only recently sang in front of someone else by myself. I needed to get out of my own way, so this album was cathartic for me. No two humans have the exact same voice. I have grown to like my voice and its versatility in going from rough and husky to sweet and silky in one track. I hope to further develop my voice in the future and I hope that you all will be along for the ride! Thanks for reading.