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    Hi, my name is Kirk Markarian and I'm a composer of several types of music. On this profile, I've provided several types of musical styles. I have 24 years of music composition and synthesis under my belt and I'm having a blast creating all sorts of pieces! My specialties are various electronic musical styles. From cyberpunk to vaporwave, dance to ambient, or utterly abstract. If you want electronic music, I make it. I have studied and practiced making nearly every kind of electronic music that I can find, from the 1950’s on up. Accurately emulating not only the “feel” of several types of music, but the age as well, is a great deal of fun for me! Within these tracks on display, you'll notice fondness for melodies; they're prominent in several of my pieces. In my spare time, I'm also an animator of weird little cartoons, and an abstract acrylic painter.

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 Happy to be here!