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    Guitar Player, Singer, Composer, Songwriter, Producer, Soundmaker, Videomaker and Multimediamaker. Kiril plays the guitar since his 12th years age. He has formed FORTE band /1987/. Since then he has been working in Norway, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Greenland, Finland, Spain, Singapore, Amsterdam and Bulgaria. In 1992 Kiril Peltekov established his own audio & video recording studio SGS (Stamely Groove Sound) Records. Kiril released the very helpful studying cassette "Improvising Styles" /1993/, the album "Beyond Fingers" /1994/, the CD+ album "Collection" /2000/ and the first in Bulgaria Blu-ray video concert "Live with Friends"/2009/. Also released in DVD, CD and CD-DTS-5.1. With FORTE he released a CD and DVD live album "In Clubs" /1996/, video 'Love Life' and DVD "10 years FORTE in Clubs" 2005.

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