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    KingSheharyarMirza was born 3 Aug 1997. He is born in The Pakistan in a city called Karachi. His parents came from the city of Karachi in Pakistan and settled in The Hague in the early 2000. King love for music was evident from a very early age. He started his career in his early teenage years. In 2010 King met up with an old friend called wajid who is based in Pakistan. It was here when King showed his abilities to Shahid. Shahid was impressed with what he had heard and decided to take SheharyarMirza to Pakistan. Later that year Shahid took SheharyarMirza to Karachi in Pakistan to give his music a kick start and to complete his first album working with the biggest and most popular music production teams in Pakistan. After working day and night in the studio for almost 2 months a 6 track album was mastered. However, after hearing the final product King was not impressed with the the album. But did not want to mention this to Shahid as he felt alto of time and money was invested in this album and did not want any negative feedback. But after hard thinking King decided to be honest and explained his reasons for not being happy and content with the album. He thought the album was too traditional for his sound and decided not to go ahead with this. Shahid agreed with Kings thoughts and ideas and decided that this album would not be released. This left King very confused and low in self esteem. But King didn't give up on his passion for music and so thought of other ideas to pursue his dream. King returned from Pakistan to the Netherlands in early 2010. After a series of meetings and discussions they decided to give the album a more urban feel if they were to make a big impact. In mid 2010 King came to the UK, to work on his debut single. But it was the same old story and again King was not happy with the final product. Shahid was beginning to think that this might be a waste of time and effort, which was hard to take for SheharyarMirza. King was now back to square one and was very low in confidence. King made his way back to Holland back to the drawing board. Later that year King met up with a friend ( Fikret) and explained the situation and events that have occurred in the last few months. Fikret had advised KingSheharyarMirza that he knew a Turkish producer called Eren E, and who could possibly be the answer to your solution. Fikret contacted Eren E and introduced SheharyarMirza to him at his house. After hours of talking and discussing music KingSheharyarMirza had found his right sound through Eren E. In the next few days Eren E invited Sheharyar to his house were they created a quick demo named ' Si Di Saadi Zaat '. SheharyarMirza and the team were confident and knew that this sound was what they was looking for.

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