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    I enjoy innovative art and concept creating. I like creating catchy music concepts for the masses. I have minimal experience in the biz but I've explored my God given talents by hiring a studio production company to produce one our copy written track.s; Www.diamondgarden.com song in waiting "A Simple Twist of Fate". We have files of copy write lyrics, like most at Library of Congress waiting for the right artist and sound. I had the pleasure of working with great talents, creating at least two tracks that got rotation, on Chicago's classic radio station, The killer Bee, b96.3. One of the songs were added to radio station's concert line up and got remixed by one of Chicago's famed, Dj. I, very busy not having real studio time anymore, do what creative people do on the go, enjoy using apps, like MMJ.(good fun for all) I post concept tracks. I post to on online radio stations to gain feedback per track,( with legal permission which is granted). Our friends at KLS productions donated tracks *which I have legal ownership) and are the awesome creators of the sound you hear, "CRUSH"(Instrumental) on Songtradr. The song was posted in the 2012 but has been in a reserve. Fortunately I have a few more cool instrumental tracks. We have had two of our fun creations on soundcloud.com hit the top ten charts at: wwwhousecharts.net (submitted and recommended tracks by listeners). Visit: https://soundcloud.com/material-351365436. to see our modern day innovative track concepts. Do art.