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    Khail SOLO is a Filipino R&B and Soul singer-songwriter-producer from Davao City, Philippines. Since 2014, he has produced, written, and also featured, for numerous local and national artists in the country, but is most associated with the band THEA for producing their songs beginning with their second EP, "The Wise and the Wiser" (2015) and for producing most of the singles for their untitled upcoming LP, which garnered the singles "Liko Liko", "Last Serenade", and "Home". He is currently working on his second mixtape, "The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same" which will be a departure from his PBR&B and Neo Soul origins, and will venture to a more organic and more live sounding arrangements to emphasize more on his singing, than his production. So far he has released a stripped down version of a song on the project called "Don't Know How", as well as scheduling the release of "Nobody's Fool", a song he co-wrote with THEA's front woman, Thea Pitogo. So far in 2016, he was also involved in a small project for local artists from Mindanao, collectively known as "One Voice, One Davao" and created with them a song called "Sigaw ng Pagbabago", which was a tribute for the Roxas Avenue Bombing last September 2, 2016. He was also quite prolific during 2016 as he has collaborated with Lara Borrega, an artist from Tagum City, and with the help of fellow Davaoeno DJ's Jon Game, Niel Recinto, and Al Jaspers, for the former's 90's House inspired single called "Nakaraan", with the latter two DJ's to commission the single's remixes. He is currently working with Blaine Nasser from Filipino boy band, Next Option, for his own project, including an original song called "School Girl".

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