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    Kelvin Odogba (also known by his stage name Gidbizz), is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and a producer. His passion for music came at an early age which led him into joining the church choir and later team up with his cousin to perform at different events before his exit from the group. His love for Afro-Pop and AfroBeats led to the release of his first single 'African Lady' which he singlehandedly produced, giving him some amount of popularity. The release of another single 'Heartbeat' gained the attention of a larger audience.Despite not being knowledgeable on how to play instruments, that has not being an hindrance to getting the necessary sound and flavour needed in his genre of music rather it has made his style of music unique and appealing to his fans, most especially the ladies. Gidbizz who was born on October 21 1997 hails from Kaduna and grew up in an interfaith household with 3 siblings. His father was a traditionalist and his mother a Pentecostal Christian. In a nutshell, he describes his childhood with his siblings as "End Of Days" having grown up with 3 elder brother's. He left secondary school at age 16 and went on to learn the basics of production from his eldest brother before pushing to learn what he is selling to the world today with massive support from his brothers. Gidbizz is looking forward to taking Afro music to a global level , he is also looking to deliver quality music around the globe with unique style of sounds.


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